3 Poems
by Nathan Hoil, 3.24am Sept 10th 2021

Picking Fights with Various Frogs

     I hatch from an egg and I have no mother. I beat the truth out of various frogs. An avalanche of frogs pours over the highway, now all my enemies are in the pit of my stomach. My enemies make piles of money. Everything in the world is happening at once.
      You can only see so far ahead of you before the sky takes over the ground. There’s a human-shaped hole wherever I run through the wall. The Earth’s population is hallucinating the existence of bugs. Years go by and nothing happens. At one point there weren’t even planets yet.

Sledgehammer Back Massage

Don’t push your luck, says the frog on the lily pad, right before being swallowed by a rapidly expanding sea creature. I process the scene like a decade-old computer. Everything in life is a reenactment of something that already happened.
Everyone knows there’s no conflict without artistry. Sometimes I grow gardens just to stomp through them. Tell the doctor a balloon is inflating in the middle of my brain.

I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m chasing my own skeleton. I don’t fear death, I have a fear of never dying. Sometimes I can imagine myself as someone I hardly know. I don’t have proof that I was ever born.

Despair, with no hope of Repair


If you don’t believe in ghosts then I hope a ghost gets you. If you don’t believe in ghosts you better hope the ghosts believe in you.
If you’re a ghost right now I no longer think you’re hot. You have to tell me whether or not you’re a ghost. Either way, you are not the hottest one in this car.
Every day I wear the same sweater with a ghost on it because my face looks like a combination of everyone else’s. I don’t care what would make your day better, or what would make the world a better place.