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At an undetermined date, Sunshine showed up on a motorway camera waving an unspecified amount of cash about and loading three cases of 2016 US government MREs into the back of the Winnebago

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Given the nature of our town, we cannot recommend that you go wandering off (but if you do, please leave Next of Kin details with the receptionist at the Havilland), however, we have prepared some tips in case you do

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10 Steps to a Fruitful Garden

Carol Parris Krauss

She was still wearing that stupid dotted bow which was bigger than her bowling ball head. Where it clasped was a dried maggot.


Boltzmann Brain/Alter

Kari Flickinger

Wolf howls and I sway round. The light flickers.

An orange all around us—the sun crouches below Mount Diablo.


Policy on Research Involving Human Subjects

Kaleb Tutt

A Magician walks into a laboratory


Dear Diana Ranswell (Mom)

Gabriel Hart

It's taking every ounce of me to not think that maybe I would have been luckier if he had just killed me quick


A Hard Lacrosse to Bear


Despite their untamed berserker fury, the Acolytes lost 5-4. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth


A Careful Herbal of Extracted Poetic Remedies

Sarah-Jane Crowson

Appropriated to the planet Jupiter, commended against the biting of venomous serpents or mad dogs


The Belly of the Beast

Karen Schauber

You sit in the waiting room, nervous for this appointment; your babies kicking and turning


Jay and Hawk to be Married

Paul Veracka

The brown sticks in the decrepit nest. The pink worms travelling the basement floor


New Fuckable Wax Museum Opens in Bear Creek

Mark Wilson

Sounds of weeping and the fulfillment of carnal urges had been heard for weeks at the abandoned rock quarry


Local Man Found Wandering Cemetery

Evan Sheldon

He laughs and tells you horses don’t have red eyes

No River Songs pt.2

Kyla Houbolt

No one notices the river, who has gone back underground to weep at their infidelity to its friendship


What We Like

Tyler Dempsey

Where not all the outside isn’t in, and not all the inside isn’t not out, is where, us, in this truck, were going


Haunted Redbox?

Sean Ennis

It goes without saying that I had never seen my

mother’s heroic vulva


Reverend Jack’s Daily Verse and Life Advice/Society Report Weekly

Jack Bedell

The fir needles smelled fantastic all week, but the structure was a little short, and Jarmusch’s feet stuck out the end the first couple of nights until they got used to sleeping together and formed a pretty natural spoon. 

Bear Creek Art Gallery

ft. the beautiful 

horror of Elysium 

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The Grizzly Sunday Strip 2

Sarah Allen Reed

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