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Bear Creek Tart Cards
by Neil Willcox, January 10th 2023

Cards advertising the services of sex workers, once often found in phone boxes, have been overtaken by the internet. When you spend some time in Bear Creek trying desperately to get a telephone line that calls out of the county then you may encounter some, as though you and they are caught out of time.

Elegant Leggy Blonde

If you like elegance, and legs, and blonde hair, there is no one who can compare to her. If there is anything else – any other part of the body, or aspect of personality, or you enjoy movement, conversation, context or roleplay, then well. Perhaps she is not for you. Her legs go all the way up.

Nights Of Delight

Every night is one of wonder. Sometimes it takes place in a rich king’s chamber, or a glorious bathhouse. Other times a spare cell or rude bedroom. In any case there is delight beyond your wildest dream. There is one rule, the most important one. It is only for the night. Those who stay past the dawn do not speak of what occurs, nor do they return.

Eye Of The Tiger

Tony, a great bear of a man, red hair on his head and black on his beard. As sweet as sugar, as powerful as a leopard, a strong, crunching, powerful voice. All his clients want to stay the whole night, and even afterwards, into breakfast time. What are their opinions of his services? They’re great.

Dirty Playground

It is, of course, filthy. Covered in mud and dust and worse things. You are presented with a scrubbing brush and a bucket of soapy water, rubber gloves and a pinny. Hours of hard work cleaning are waiting for you, for which you will pay handsomely. And at the end, when the playground is sparkling clean, you are escorted away.The games are not for the likes of you.

Out Of This World

With the green skin, and antennae she looks like she walked off the set of a sixties sci fi show. Anatomically human, she is not the most exotic partner you could find, if that is your preference, but she is the most exo-planetary. At the end of every session, if you ask her why she is here, what her reasons for staying are she will reply.

“Klaatu. Barada. Nikto.”

Transformation Specialist

To know someone else you must walk a mile in their shoes. To know yourself you must know who you are not, know the other versions of yourself. You have been to the Transformation Mistress who taught you to be another gender, and the Transformation Expert who freed you to be another creature entirely. You have learned all they have to give and now are at the specialist who has one more lesson. To know yourself you must transform yourself to transform in turn the entire universe.

Large Chest For Sale

How large is the chest? Large enough. Large enough for men and women, people of all genders and none, for oh so many of them to enter and enjoy themselves. To take what pleasure and ease they can, and still have space to leave behind their cares and stress. And after that to have room for yet more. As for the saleswoman herself,

we do not speak of her figure.

Department Of Correction

Did you come here thinking you were going to have sex? Of course you did. And you would be correct. But as she stands before you, peering over her glasses, staring sternly down at you at your desk, you understand how broken you are, how broken the world is. And how hard it will be to be corrected before you are worthy.

Cocktail Of Services (Open Late No Rush)

The bar as waiting room, a lovely expanse of pine, with bottles of all colours behind. No need to hurry. Relax and have a drink. Peruse the menu. In some ways it’s the anticipation. Perhaps the mixture you choose will be sweet, smooth, blended naturally together. Or discordant, sharp, dry. Intoxicating or refreshing, or both in succession or at once. Plain and familiar, or rich and exotic. No need to hurry. No rush. Take as much time as you need. Hours, days, months, years, some of our clients have yet to exhaust the possibilities.

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