Bunyip Birth Continues to Baffle

by Janis Colston/Michelle Dickins, 3.24am May 10th 2021

Thirty years after the mysterious birth of a suspected bunyip and the disappearance of Sigrid Salanger, (mother), crumpled midwifery birth records have been found in the Mayor’s waste paper basket.


Bear Creek Gazette obtained a copy of the notes and confirmed their authenticity with Merrion Martin, the midwife who cared for Sigrid.


Merrion, spoke briefly about the events. "I remain traumatised, see orange eyeballs in my sleep and the smell has not left me. I developed an insatiable appetite for reptiles and crustaceans and wasn’t able to work again, as my finger continues to fester."


The following are excerpts from the progress notes of Sigrid Salanger (DOB 12/7/1978) as recorded by Merrion.




  • Sigrid presented in established labour at 1333pm.

  • No next of kin listed.

  • No previous antenatal care. Vague about delivery date.

  • Presented as dishevelled, leaf litter behind her ears, matted hair, and has a long necked turtle in her dressing gown pocket.

  • Abdomen - large baby on board. Can’t confirm cephalic presentation, a number of sharp body parts palpated, excessive fetal movements felt, unable to record fetal heart rate with pinard or doppler, but could hear a low growling sound.

  • Contractions three minutely. Sigrid calm, rubbing a citrine gemstone. Low growling sound intensifies, doesn’t appear to be coming from Sigrid.

  • Sigrid requesting a water birth. Discussed with doctor. Not recommended due to risk factors.

  • Vital signs - abnormal, but appears well and asymptomatic. Medical team on standby.




  • Membranes ruptured spontaneously at 1435. Fluid murky, fetid and offensive smelling. Eucalyptus spray on masks, couldn’t conceal smell.

  • Vaginal Examination - unable to ascertain dilation, bitten on right pointer finger. Incident report to be filed.

  • Urge to push at 1453hours. Birthed at 1502hours. Peadiatric resuscitation team present.

  • Newborn thrashing about on resuscitation trolley, large head, prominent ears, covered with fine silky black fur, webbing noted between fingers and toes. No resuscitation required. Genetic testing recommended to Sigrid. She declines, stating “he looks just like his father.”

  • Sigrid wishes to breastfeed. Newborn passed to mother.

  • Sigrid pressed buzzer at 1525hrs and was attended immediately. Sigrid presenting with large gashes on left breast and nipple appears to be hanging from a thin sinew. Sigrid sobbing, heard saying “I thought he’d be more mammalian.”

  • Medical team called to review. Newborn nowhere to be seen. Dirty track marks on the floor leading to the toilet.

  • Code brown called. Hospital managers and security on high alert.

  • Sigrid prepped for suture repair of gashes and reattachment of nipple. Sigrid refusing treatment and wanting to get out of the bed. Sigrid mumbling about needing to get to the creek, something about his father eating him.

  • Sigrid left unattended briefly to collect further equipment. On return to her room she had disappeared. Dressing gown with turtle shell in the pocket left hanging in bathroom.

  • Placental detritus also vanished from the pan room.

  • Code black called.



  • Incident report completed. Copies sent to Unit Nurse Manager and Director of Nursing.

  • Appointment made at Staff Clinic to review bite on pointer finger, now throbbing and oozing black serous fluid.

  • Unable to attend clinical debrief as not feeling well and taking remainder of shift as sick leave.


Merrion added, Sigrid had named her baby Benji. Neither Sigrid or Benji have been sighted since disappearing from Bear Creek Base Hospital.


The Mayor was not available to comment on how the notes came to be in his waste paper basket.


The moratorium for the dredging of the creek following the last sighting of a bunyip ended last week, as did the funding for the Bunyip hotline.


Anyone with further information, please email janis@bearcreekgazette.com


If you are triggered by this article, do not swim in the creek.