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Ai Jiang is a Chinese-Canadian writer and an immigrant from Fujian. She is a member of HWA, SFWA, and Codex. Her work can be found in F&SF, The Dark, Uncanny, among others. She is the recipient of Odyssey Workshop's 2022 Fresh Voices Scholarship. Her debut novella Linghun (April 2023) is forthcoming with Dark Matter INK. Find her on Twitter (@AiJiang_) and online (  

Z. K. Abraham (she/her) is a writer and psychiatrist. She has a Master’s in Creative Writing with distinction from the University of Edinburgh. She has been published in FANTASY Magazine, The Rumpus, Apparition Lit, and more. She writes for Spectrum Culture and is in SFWA. She can be found on Twitter @pegasusunder1 and

Christina E. Petrides teaches English on Jeju Island, South Korea. Her verse collection is On Unfirm Terrain (Kelsay Books, 2022). Her children’s books are Blueberry Man (2020; Korean translation, 2021), The Refrigerator Ghost (Korean translation, 2022), and Tea Cakes, Quilts, and Sonshine (2022). She is the primary translator of Maria Shelyakhovskaya’s nonfiction book, Being Grounded in Love: A History of One Russian Family, 1872-1981 (Slavica, forthcoming). Her website is:

Matt Surface’s literary work has appeared or is forthcoming in New Reader Magazine, Thieving Magpie, and Bear Creek Gazette, and was shortlisted for the 2022 Olive Woolley Burt Award. His essays have been featured in the New York Daily News, and Welcome2theBronx, the largest independent blog and news site in The Bronx.


Nicholas Barnes earned a Bachelor of Arts in English at Southern Oregon University. He is currently working as an editor in Portland, and enjoys music, museums, movie theaters, and rain. His least favorite season is summer. His favorite soda is RC Cola.

Salvatore Difalco lives in Toronto, Canada. His short stories have recently appeared in Brilliant Flash Fiction and Heavy Feather Review.

Mark Vanner lives in Gloucestershire, UK. His poetry has appeared in publications including, Neon Literary Magazine, Across The Margin, Apocalypse Confidential, Idle Ink, Mono Fiction and many more. For more information please visit: or find him on Twitter: @VannerMark

Eli S. Evans has recent work in Maudlin House, Cowboy Jamboree, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Expat, Misery Tourism (RIP), Queen Mob's Teahouse (RIP), and Berfrois (RIP), among others. A small book of small stories, Obscure & Irregular, was published in 2020 with Moon Rabbits Books & Ephemera, and a larger book of smaller stories is forthcoming from the same just in time for we're not yet sure which holiday, but possibly National No Pants Day on May 1st.

Keith Buzzard is a writer, teacher, and musician, now living in Minnesota. He is elated to be featured in the final issue of Bear Creek Gazette as it has appeared up to now, and is excited for what it will be in the future. He would also be elated if you checked out his work in other fine journals and zines (most recently in The Under Review, Bullshit Lit, Grim & Gilded, and Neurological Magazine). He can be found on twitter at @KeithJDrazzub, if you're not a cop.

Garrett C. Owen is a Kansas City-based writer. His writing has appeared in 100 Word Project, Lean and Loafe Poetry Journal, and others. He used to write jokes in Paris, France. Owen is a student in UCLA Extension's Creative Writing Certificate Program, and he can be found on Instagram @garebear0522. He prefers red wine and surfing to the horrors of trench warfare. 

Nate Hoil works as a caretaker for clients with physical and cognitive disabilities. His debut collection of poems A MESSAGE FROM THE GALLERY OF EXCAVATED HEADS was released in 2022. You can find more of his work at

Grant Wamack is the author of God's Leftovers, Black Gypsies, and A Lightbulb's Lament. He has had more than 40 short stories published in places such as Dark Moon Digest, the Best of Surreal Grotesque, and The New Flesh. When he's not writing, he's reading tarot cards, smoking weed, and floating around LA. You can visit his website here

Elena Savva Kotsile (pen name) is a writer and scientific editor based in Berlin, Germany. Her words appeared in Grim & Gilded, Air & Nothingness press, Rabid Oak, Anti-Heroin Chic, and Greek journals and anthologies. She writes poetry and speculative fiction in English and Greek, and she’s working on her first speculative novel. She cannot escape existentialism and absurdism and tweets whenever she feels like it @Elena_Beate

Aniket Sanyal’s stories and poems have been published in Apocalypse Confidential, Zero Readers, Bruiser, and Expat Lit among other places. He has an English Lit degree from Rutgers University and likes central New Jersey just fine. Find him on Twitter @AniketSanyal6.

Howie Good's latest poetry books are The Horse Were Beautiful, available from Grey Book Press, and Swimming in Oblivion: New and Selected Poems from Redhawk Publications.

L.M. Cole is a poet and artist residing in North Carolina. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming with Stanchion, The Pinch Journal, Corporeal, JAKE and others. Her debut poetry chapbook SALT MOUTH MOSS QUEEN was released in 2022 with Alien Buddha Press and is available on Amazon.

Jack Moody is the author of the novel Crooked Smile, the short story collection Dancing to Broken Records, and the novella The Monotony of Everlasting. He is a contributor to the literary newspaper The Bel Esprit Project and Return magazine. His stories have appeared in publications such as The Saturday Evening Post, Expat Press, Misery Tourism, Maudlin House, Scatter of Ashes, Punk Noir Magazine, Bear Creek Gazette, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, and many others. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter: @jack_is_moody

A dual-citizen of Latvia and the USA since 2011, Ivars Balkits lives half the year in Ohio and half in a small mountain village in Crete, Greece. His poems and prose have been most recently published by Seneca Review, *82, Vermilion Flash, Anvil Tongue Radio, Harpy Hybrid Review, Lotus Eater, Experiential-Experimental-Literature, and Fixator Press. Ivars is a recipient of two Individual Excellence Awards from the Ohio Arts Council, for poetry in 1999 and creative nonfiction in 2014.

Daniel J Flosi sometimes thinks they are an apparition living in a half-acre coffin within the V of the Mississippi and Rock Rivers. Daniel is the founder & EiC of Black Stone / White Stone. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Funicular Magazine, Olney Magazine, Rejection Letters, Feral Poetry and many more. His chapbook Cries, the Midnight Sky is available for preorder with Bullshit Lit. Drop a line @muckermaffic 

Kimberly Wolf is often dreaming of THE FOREST. You can find more of her work at You can follow her on Twitter @KimmieWolf.

Caleb Bethea is a writer from the Southeast. He's an MFA at the University of South Carolina and works as a copywriter. The best of his time - by far - is spent with his wife and two goblins by the ocean. Catch his work in Maudlin House, HAD, Bear Creek, Twin Pies, hex, Autofocus, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter at @caleb_bethea_

Syn Phoenix McDonald is a non-binary, disabled writer staying dry in Oregon on the couch with two puppies. On clear nights, they admire the moon for inspiration. 

Eric A.L. Axner is a bilingual writer from Sweden. He writes both poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction. He's also a painter and musician.

Noah Micah is a half Filipino he/they residing in the Midwest. He likes to explore a variety of fun topics in his writing, such as queer and trans identity and loss, typically through the lens of body horror. They can be found talking about anything other than writing @TheFathersWork on Twitter."

James C. Holland is back, baby! You thought you’d seen the back of him when he wound up that gardening column for Bear Creek Gazette last year, but he’s wangled his way into the last full issue with a story about a wall. A wall! Whilst away from Bear Creek, he’s had stories published in other mags about; house-hunting, sandwiches, coffee, filling in forms, not being a mermaid and sitting in a bin. Is there no premise too boring for this guy? Apparently not. Find out more at or 

J M F Casey lives in Derbyshire, dies in London, and is reborn in the pages of the CODEX, in the future, once humans have colonized the galaxy and diversified by mutation, there will be a notable sulfur spewing geyser named after him by some mineral extracting community in a god forsaken backwater of space.   

Neil Willcox once lived off Earls Court Road, and if you believe the cards in the phone boxes then every house must have had a fully equipped dungeon. He has recently been published in Swords And Sorcery Magazine, Voidspace and Kaleidotrope. He can be found at and, for now, on twitter @neil_will

Kjetil Jansen is from Isbjørnbekk, Norway. He is a licensed pet polar bear walker, and a walrus whisperer. Remember, a pet polar bear is not just for Christmas. And the window when you are able to flush them down the toilet is extremely short. He has also featured in Bewildering Stories, and Bending Genres.  

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