My Boyfriend is a DayQuil Addict
by Lisa Muschinski, 3:49am July 10th 2022

he’s gone through two whole family-sized bottles

since I left him to fetch some more

he chugs cupfulls, shots of orange syrup, I think

I’m losing him to its sweetness

his grin sticky and yellow, I can’t kiss him

not like this. thanks, he says, lips puckered

I’m sure I’ll feel better soon.

he collects empty bottles, memorabilia,

adjusting them by his gamer mouse and keyboard

his fever broke some weeks ago, still he swears

his throat is killing him. I try to make myself understood:

baby we’re drowning in acetaminophen

baby you’re killing us with active ingredients

baby you’re killing this, what’s living

between us. now another

bottle is at its end. he savors it,

adds a splash of water, licks the dribble

shakes it up and fills his cup

with frothy orange bubbles.