Five Poems
by Changming Yuan, 3:49am July 10th 2022

Our Species: A Bio-Note of Homo Sapiens


So, we distinguished ourselves as

Bipedalists eating cooked foods


So, we’ve become frenzy

Makers of all types of waste


So, we will immigrate to

A Mars after ruining Earth


So, we are a unique species

The only storied creatures


(So, in a sense, our inner

Sense has no innocence)


Spontaneous flow of Consciousness in Levy Flight


Where’s Allen going? Pacific. Today is Wed. My old

Flame is sleeping, waiting to have her GGN removed

From her lungs to stamp out cancer. Poetry. Something

Good to pop up down the road? No luck is good luck

Choices Market where to work soon until 10:13 pm

A little dark cloud drifting beyond the horizon. Crows

Pandemic. Delta plus plus plus keeps chasing us all

China has closed its doors behind the bamboo curtain

Big paranoid. I cannot to go back to Jinzhou to see

Mom, let alone join Qi Hong & elope with her! Bid-

Den vs Trump in so many ways. The apolitical is way

More politics. Wife is cooking fish again, um, smells

Good. Blue & white & pink noises. Any dark ones?

Tinnitus makes me mad. Whistling. Ah, ppppanda!

Three trillion cells in my body, just as many stars

In the cosmos. Ants, rats, silverfish. Floaters darting

So evasive like hopes. Catch one. Paradise lost

Anti-Theodicy, Or Paradise Never Lost


In a parallel garden of Eden created

By an even higher life, there was also

A young couple of two opposite sexes


Where the eve barbecued the Serpent

And enjoyed its flesh with the adam

While they managed to sell the Apple


To God, thus beginning to live

Happily ever after by choosing

To immigrate to an other earth

Taking a Walk at Twilight


Leaves rustling as if crows have just flapped by


In the twilight sky, the moon looms-


What if such loomings vanish into an unknown space

As clouds exchange their feels in a hurry?


Seeing a passer-by coming my way, I derailed my body & thought alike


What if the planet really comes to a pause during the Pandemic?

What if social distancing becomes the order of the day for ever?

What if the season, in other words, lasts between rain and snow?


Seeing two teenagers approaching, I jumped aside and hip-hoped

On the curb edge like a lousy dancer as they ran along


What if the doors of my homeland remain close until I am too

Old or too weak to move to see & kiss my first & last love?


What if my family cannot afford to immigrate to Mars from this burning

Or frozen planet? What if another huge meteorite hits earth hard enough?


Seeing a dog-walker come up, I quicken my steps and turn

To an empty sidewalk, smelling marijuana like dog’s fart

Seeing Is Simply Being: for Helena Qi Hong


1/ Your Features


                 Between my two dark pupils

Exists an unseen black hole, where

I hide my entire inner being, which


                            Sucks all the rays

Emitted from your body as I keeps

Gazing at you

              With an enlightened heart


2/ Your Expressions


Lighter than the light music of moonlight

Your smiles shine through the darkest moment

Of last night

                           While your gaze, softer

                    Than the soft power of raindrops

Penetrates the hardest stone

                            Within my feel