Flyboy in Therapy
by Coleman Bomar, 3.24am July 10th 2021

Well I became mixed insect when one night when wellhmmm umm

well me and my dad would watch these pulpp scfihmmm movies about experiments gone wrong with some hunchback flipping switches and mad men obsessed with those eureka moments ya know and Mom wouldhmmm be drinking somewhere so I’d sit there with him in front of the tv every night and he was obsessed and thenhmm uh then one night my fruit punch got me dizzy and I learned later he roofied me thathmmmmm that one night and honestly he hadn’t done anything like that before and I um just remember waking up and how it hurt like hellhmmm afterward but all that stopped I think after I got used to the extrahmmm eyes after a while yea but I was mad at first because I didn’t kknow he had a lab in the basement and he didn’t ask me for ppermission but I think we’ve gotten closer sincehmm then for sure ummm basically hmmmmymyzzzz excuse me excuse meee basically I really need some adderall just until I graduate its justhmmm so hard to focus now sohmmm so yea will that work doezzz that work?