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Give me the Screed
by Aniket Sanyal, January 10th 2023

You give me the screed, I’ll take care of that void. Or was it a vault?


You’re at the bank? The one where I found a worm copulating with another, toward the aspiration of a wyvern? That’s totally cursed but it’s fine. I feel good. Give me the screed and maybe we might make it out of here in one piece. You saw what? Smells like what?


You ate what?


Damn…messed up. You’re a kind of freak, with that flag. Damn.




Verification engines processed themselves beneath the inspired chantings of a sentient temple. One constructed for the sole purposes of building a future tomorrow, one where you and I can enjoy these blessings for true blue, real-as-reality, brand new spanking steals. Have you ever been spanked till time spurts forth the froth of an inverted wave-length of pure lunar energy? Some waxed blown-out glassy apocalypse consecrated the earth and caked into the whorls of skin, toughened harder than grit, both above and below both of my big toes.


You’re too tight with those weird energies. I spoke to God, you know.


And then, He transfers me to an apprentice monk, over in marketing! I said: why do for me what you could have achieved for your children, given the same modifiers, constraints, and trials, tribulations upon this coveted set of resources? He said: get the hell out of my office and take it up with HR. I can’t make this shit up, it’s all mobbed up in there. Televisual vibes. It’s weird, I haven’t been this low since I tripped and skinned open my leg from low-knee down to the drying scabs between shin and ankle.


Anyways, please, please hurry up will you? You’re taking too long.


Your seance, conducted without any thought to the auspices of your betters, has gone stale as weeks-old bread. Now, nobody gets any bread. Yeah, I took him up on that. I said: it’s not even a well-designed triangle. It’s as close to video game reality-fractured-state as Vishnu wants us to believe. I know! I know! That’s what I said!


So I got the hell out of his office, tail between legs. Took it up with HR…

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