Goward's Nocorn

by Goward Tulk, 3.24am May 10th 2021

My name is Goward Tulk and this weekend I saw somethin that I never seen in Bear Creek.


What happened was my best bud Mitch and me went campin together, up near High Oak pass, to discuss that Mitch and my wife have been for the past year developing feelings and an intimate sexual relationship with each other and it was time we talk about the way things was gonna change. We went up further than the camp grounds proper cuz Mitch owns a badass camper he can set up wherever he damn please, so we ended up in a real wild part I aint been to, where the wind in the trees sounded like my sleep apnea, gurglin and grindin real weird, but it was chill cuz Mitch brought the brews.  


Well, few brews later, Mitch was tellin me how he’s gonna be my kids’ dad now, and I was tellin him they’re real lucky kids, cuz they really are, but I was startin to feel real hot and weird for some reason and my face was all wet and shaky, so I walked into the woods to piss it out and that’s when I saw this amazing creature, and I was able to record this short video that I present now to you, the good people of Bear Creek as proof that we are not alone, never ever alone no matter how alone you are you arent alone.

Goward Tulk is an Independent Researcher and Zoocryptologist whose life is fully and entirely dedicated to advance a scientific understanding of Goward’s Nocorn and the other mysterious creatures of Bear Creek who are out there to give us purpose and show us that life is bigger than it seems, and there’s more there and that anybody can be a hero. Please contact Goward for any information about magical sightings, you can find him at the Bear Creek Elementary Library computer lab on Wednesday afternoons.