Haunted Redbox?

by Sean Ennis, 3.24am March 10th 2021

Be advised that when trying to rent Wonder Woman 1984  from the Redbox next to the Dollar Czar, the haunted machine instead gave me a Blu Ray video of my own birth. Of course, I did not recognize myself as an infant, but that was unmistakably my anguished mother on the hospital bed, my father, pale and green as an avocado, holding her hand.


For myself, I found the experience deeply profound. Glimpsing my father as a coward has caused me to reevaluate our otherwise emotionally abusive relationship. It goes without saying that I had never seen my mother’s heroic vulva. I also learned that I failed the Apgar test (low oxygen) and was rushed to the nursery, so I was not held by my mother. 

What experience of the machine others may have is not known to me. My parents are deceased, so perhaps they have intervened here for some reason. Or maybe the Redbox acted alone. I do know that the desire to see one’s own birth is not typically high on people’s lists, and could be traumatic. Knowledge is power--however you would like to interpret that in this situation. I have not yet decided whether to rent another movie.