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Reports confirm this morning that

the body of Edwin Charter was

found in the swimming pool of the unoccupied house on Badger Lane -Joaquin Fernandez


Our parents had warned us all a thousand times. How Bear Creek Castle could come and go in

the blink of an eye.

How if you were inside, you went with it but never came back. Ever. 

- Barnaby Beetle

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The Grizzly: Private Eye

- Sarah Allen Reed

Obituary - Dawson Wohler

His breakfast was always the same: a five egg quesadilla stuffed with spinach and Mexican™  cheese.


Letters To God - Howie Good

They plead for a cure for their hemorrhoids, for loans without collateral, for the return of lost love. Others just want to know why. 


The Sky Is Full Of Ghosts - Miles Coombe

I can feel the wilderness pressing in around me, it’s a sense of depth and age and vastness all at once.


The Wake - Ankh Spice

Some clouds bloom like a bruise, like the ink from a slipped needle. Dull ache of colour pushing lymph. 


Sp*tula PSA - Ivis Whitright

Sp*tula is not a word


No River Songs - Kyla Houbolt

I think the Baltimore bar-goers would be pleasantly surprised by a river in their bar


God's Gape Picnic - Matt Hiebert

“That’s when Bear Creek really started to boom,” Parsons explains. “People started linking the fate of that poor boy with the town’s abrupt success.”


Weather and Shipping - Zora Graves

Early reports came from a longshoreman on night duty, who initially noticed a pod of dolphin sockpuppets littering the public beach.





Emilie Kneifel


This months Horoscopes by 

David Ralph Lewis

Please remember The Mayor has banned all attempts at astrology. (1).gif
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Matthew Haigh reviews the phantom broadcast taking Bear Creek by storm. What the hell is going on? 

Bear Creek Art Gallery

ft. the bizarre and wonderful

collages of James Diaz