Jay And Hawk To Be Married

by Paul Veracka, 3.24am March 10th 2021

Well, Jay and Hawk are to be married. White rice, a veil and a sugarcube. A subdued crowd hoping for rain (fingers crossed). All this and more. You know the deal, Jay and Hawk are to be married.

Jay and Hawk hope to find a black spider on the white gown. It’s good luck in some cultures. The wedding is open invitation. Any figure in town can come. You know the deal.

Jay hasn’t told Hawk about Marnie. Her white webs for skin. Black fishing wire for hair. The brown sticks in the decrepit nest. The pink worms travelling the basement floor.

Formed with Mrs. Larks’ missing rings for eyes. White iron links from a rusting fence. One gold coin chewed up. Gray, unwashed brick on the walls. The rank home where she has lived for weeks. After she was given life. You know, I meant to say almost the whole town is invited.

Jay and Hawk have not talked about Marnie. Hawk thinks the basement is where Jay sewed the white wedding dress. For months, alone until after midnight. Always humming loudly like a seagull hums.

Jay lies awake upstairs and hears the silent screams of something born which should not have been. And there is no power that can put it away. Almost the whole town is invited. It keeps them both awake. You know the deal.