Let Your Darlings Live
by Shiksha Dheda, 3.24am Sept 10th 2021

When trying to assemble a type of suicide squad, or any squad comprised of anti-heroes or villains-turned-good-because-they-only-became-bad-because-of-a-tragic-origin-story-and-are –really-good-people-deep-down-when-it-truly-matters, it is extremely important (not really, it’s almost always for filler content and entertainment purposes) to introduce each character of said future squad.

*cue authoritative narrator voice - pausing at integral moments for the audience to sympathize
with the character(s)*


Basic details:


Edward ‘Winnie-the-Pooh' Bear, goes by the name Pooh, wears a red crop shirt and speaks with a mellow English accent. He is currently housed in the mental facility for the criminally ill – Hundred Acre Wood. He sometimes goes by the name Sanders in said faculty. Almost always found with a jar of Honey – even in the shower and/or toilet.

Personality traits:


Whilst rather intelligent and being prone to innovative ideas more often than not, Pooh has difficulty effectively communicating this. Relatively well-behaved, has never caused a riot or ruckus in the facility. Appears calm, even-tempered, often seems happy in the company of friends, especially Piglet and sometimes Owl. Often recites poems or hums gently, usually something to the effect of “hu, dee dum dee doo dum dum dum doo dee dum dee” [1]



Eating disorder - unnatural and obsessive attachment to honey [2]. The psychiatrist that diagnosed Pooh when he was brought to the facility, claimed Pooh repeatedly mumbled “Oh bother, Honey. Honey. Honey” without making any eye contact, looking into nothingness.

The police files claim that Edward’s wife was brutally murdered while tending to the small apiary in their large garden; collecting fresh honey from their bees which they kept as pets. She apparently affectionately use to call Edward “Honey” or “my Pooh Bear”. When Edward returned home after his day job at the Honey factory one day, the killers were still in his home; stealing whatever valuables they could get their hands on. The files claim that he killed every single one of them with shards of glass from honey jars scattered everywhere.

The police have hardly investigated a more gruesome scene since - I'm told by my friends at the station, Edward was found sobbing next to his wife’s body. He surrendered shortly after releasing all the bees from their apiary.



“Oh, bother!”



Basic details:


A small timid pig, goes by the unoriginal name of Piglet, wears a pink jumpsuit- black-striped, has thinly placed eyebrows, mildly floppy pink ears and a rose-colored snout [3]. Housed in a tree-shaped cell, near Pooh’s cell in the facility, Piglet has placed a sign there: ‘Trespassers Will’. Psychiatrists believe this ties in with his [Piglet’s] inability to finish a task alone.

Personality traits:


Has a fondness for acorns, helping his cell mates and listening to the qualms of others. Possessing a passive personality, he can often be described as timid, easily frightened, polite, insecure, gentle and loyal [3]



Anxiety, namely GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) [2]. Stutters often, possibly as a result of constantly being bullied in the orphanage. The case files state that Piglet was left on the stairs of the orphanage when he was just a day old. From then on, he stayed their – somehow never being the child that foster parents wanted to adopt, possibly because of his inexplicable stunted growth.

Due to his small stature and timid demeanor, Piglet has often been verbally and physically abused. One day, he willingly decided to stay in facility - having arrived here in need of immediate physical and mental health attention. Pooh noticed that Piglet was petrified and that he seldom left the small corner of his dark cell, and decided to assist the medical staff in helping Piglet out of this state.



Basic details:


An elderly owl, he goes by the unoriginal name, Owl these days. He went by a different (more original) name in his youth, but sadly, he cannot recall this now. He says it could have been Simon, perhaps. Or John. Or Thomas, maybe. He stays in a tree-shaped cell a little further away from Pooh and Piglet, but the trio visit one another fairly frequently [4].

Personality traits:


Owl enjoys drinking tea -averaging four cups a day - and telling tales about his youth and relatives. This is strange, considering that he cannot recall his own name. He is mostly calm, often in good spirits, but can become boastful, serious and irritable quickly. He is rather intelligent, but due to being dyslexic (and never being diagnosed as such), he was disregarded as being mentally inadequate for the schooling system and thus, could not acquire a formal qualification. All his knowledge stems from practical work that he has undertaken throughout his interesting life (or so, I am told) [4].



Owl has been diagnosed with dyslexia (even writing his own name as Wol), and Short-Term Memory Loss – the diagnosis resultant of him often saying things and almost immediately forgetting having said them. A Long-Term Memory Loss diagnosis would seem adequate considering that he cannot recall his own birth name, though it appears he can accurately recall other events from his youth. Perhaps this lapse of selective memory loss pertaining to his own name is a trauma response, though nothing of that nature has come up in any of the case files or psychiatric sessions, this far [2]

These characters have been chosen to assist Christopher Robin – a schizophrenic [2], out of his mental slump. He has recently been brought to the facility and somehow refuses to acknowledge the presence of any of the staff members. When spoken to, he completely ignores what is said to him. The intriguing part is that he does not consciously do this; he genuinely cannot reconcile with their presence/existence. This is probably one of the worst cases of schizophrenia that we have received (we are not even completely certain that we are dealing with a schizophrenic; the diagnosis may be incorrect at this point); Robin has completely lost touch with reality and seemingly only talks of his friends.

As his speech is rather muddled, all the names or places could not be accurately deciphered. We did pick up on ‘Pooh’, ‘Piglet’ and ‘Owl’ though.

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