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I Might be Sick/The King Appears Later/The Hummingbird King/Horse.Fly/Benji & Doctor/Benji Dishwasher/Benji
by Marc Isaac Potter, October 10th 2022

I Might Be Sick ( Part D234.001.


This is being written by a persona who has a developmental disability and is trying his best to get the words on the page by speaking them into a machine. That machine is not putting down the proper words that the person says all the time so you get unusual words that are unrelated to what's being said.



Title: The King Appears Later: Sickness, and Illness (D234.002


The King appears later; sickness and illness are an odd blend. Illness of course V the more experienced older brother.

Wow, sickness I'm sure of itself Wyoming. Why do sicknesses unsure of themselves cautiously move around the more permanent illness. Whether it's the common flu as sickness or perhaps food poisoning as sickness or perhaps a migraine as sickness their self-esteem seems to be low whereas illness B is Parkinson's or recurring cancer or a permanent heart condition such as a heart attack congestive heart failure these things have more confidence and they know they have a home until the person dies. As it regards death I must say at death is deadly.



The Hummingbird King (Part D235)


This machine does not always put down the words I wanted. Want to make some people want to make the statement that poetry can be anything. And by the way, something unrelated to the topic is that this is in a series of poems about death so by definition there needs to be a death in this phone I'm just saying.


So I was trying to bring the premise that poetry cannot be every single thing. For example, this very document is probably a hybrid because it acts somewhat like an essay and not like a poem she can't just declare it's a prose poem.


Around the corner from the castle, a hummingbird misses his mark when he tries to stick his beak into the inside of a flower he hits the side of the castle and falls dead onto the ground.


I told you there had to be a death. People are so unfamiliar with absurdism that I'm learning that if I write something that has absurdism in it I have to include information about absurdism in the document.


Frank O'Hara, … Daniil Kharms, …Andre Breton


There is one type of 1954 Chrysler Imperial car that is very very special it seats 8 people I don't know how it does that I guess it must just be really why.


This machine does not always put down the words that I wanted to say. Yes, I know how to write realism I just don't usually right realism. The king who was an avid almost obsessive hummingbird fan came out of the castle and prayed over the small hummingbird who had died.


Sometimes when I write ABSURDISM, I want to include an entire story of realism just to show that I do right also realism.


Whoever it is that is in charge of the divine right of kings the right of a king to rule his people was very happy with the King's gesture toward the hummingbird in fact it was very touched by the fact that the king humbled himself and prayed over the hummingbird that he or it or they whoever's in charge of the divine right of kings gave the king much more land. Here's how that came about:


The king in the next Kingdom over was very sick and about to die and had no heirs and his wife had died just days before we put him in a terrible terrible depression. He was the brother of the Hummingbird King and they did not fight with each other like most medieval kings do they were very close.


Show when the alien king figured out that he was about to die he sent a messenger to his brother the Hummingbird King and told him simply to take over all of his lands.


Again let me state that this happened because those in charge of the divine right of kings be there a god or gods or Greek gods or spaghetti God we're very happy with what the Hummingbird King had done and so they rewarded him with a bunch of new lands.



Horse. Fly. D236


This is being written by a Persona who has who is and has and was and will be a developmentally disabled person named Benji


Sometimes people want to be rabbits


Sometimes people get so angry about absurdism and the irrationality of absurdism that they want to take out a toothpick and stab the absurdist person


Sometimes people want to be rabbits


This poem is part of a series about death so that means that in the course of this poem something has to die that's the rules


There was a dog in the park and he had a horse fly that was bothering him because he had rolled around in some meat and then submit bees got on him too and then the horse play in the meat bees were getting mad at each other do you know what a horsefly is do you know what a meat bee is


Show the horse fly there's only one horse fly but there's a whole bunch of meat bees and you can guess what happened the meat bees attack the horsefly even though they didn't consider him to be meet they did consider him to be a threat so they attacked them and they killed him and he died and he fell to the ground with his wings still intact you fell to the ground


And the horse flies mother never knew what happened to him he just died he never came home for dinner to this day she is very sado



Benji and Doctor d237

This document is being created by a Persona named Benji who has developmental disabilities and so Benji my dear friend Benji is being the best of Dan


I was going to say something but I forgot what it was it might have been about the idea of something being short?


My name is Benji but I have a lot of stuff personality my name is Baby


One of my Subs personalities is an old man, but personally I'm right down the road. Sometimes this machine doesn't write down the words that I say


My mind wants to say a sentence that I'm not allowed to say which is there is no publisher in the face of the Earth is going to publish such a weird document


This is a poem and in this poem well let's see how can I say it is part of a series in which something dies or death is discussed and so I think in this poem I'm going to have to have something. I just to keep the Integrity of the series going


I sometimes lean toward violent deaths but I know that people don't like violent deaths that much because they have violence


A little boy named Joel was running furiously through the large city park with his kite trying to get the kite up into the air and his foot got stuck in a hole and he tripped and fell It All Happened very fast and he hit his head on a rock and there he was laying there unconscious and guess what he didn't die


It turned out that his father had some kind of semi pseudo semi pseudo telepathic abilities and he realized that his son who was playing in the city park across the street from their house was in some kind of big trouble so he went over there look for his son and guess what he found him and guess what he remembered to bring his phone with him and guess what he called 911 and guess what they got there really fast cuz it was a Sunday morning and there was not much happening so the boy went to the hospital and he was okay


While the boy was being wheeled from the emergency ambulance into the hospital one of the doctors who was very arrogant and didn't want to help the boy had a heart attack and fell on the floor and


I did mention that in some of these documents something has to die for it to be



Benji Dishwasher d238


This this story is being written by Benji and I'm going to try to tell you something about Benji because nobody understands Benji Benji boom leaves himself to be someone who has a developmental disability and who am I to say otherwise


A cockroach and a duck were sitting at the table having prime rib


Absurdism as a literary tool is a dangerous ugly monstrous thing that I love dearly


My name is Benji and I believe myself to be a developmentally disabled person


What can I say this is real words on a real page this is part of a series of poems about death so in this phone something has to die


I very beautiful duck who I don't know his I don't know his species I don't know what kind of Ducky was but he was very pretty


And a cockroach I can't say that the Cockroach was pretty I just can't I wish I could but you know cockroaches are too small for me to see even with my glasses I mean I can see them but I don't see too much detail


You may be surprised to find out that your very own mother was the waitress who waited on the dock in the Cockroach they both ordered prime rib as a special prime rib which was so f****** delicious


This restaurant that serving the prime rib has a name but I don't know the name of it. But I can tell you that it's a very old restaurant and that the couple that run it are very old and they can't get their son to help them very much in the restaurant even though they wish they could just turn it over their son and retire


The old couple is very set in their ways and so they have a person washing the dishes.


Can you believe it they have a person washing the dishes instead of a machine that's ridiculous but like I say they're very set in their ways and very old they don't have a machine in fact some days when they think they're going to be busy like the weekends like right now like right now on the weekend you know they have to dishwasher guys and the two guys are friends


The restaurant has an odd construction which is that they'd has an open ceiling to the second floor and a lot of stuff is up on the second floor second floor is it kind of Warehouse it's a long story I can't tell the whole f****** story but it's it's kind of like a warehouse


It's in the old part of the town it's in the old part of an Old Town that's what I'm trying to say


And then a big piece of equipment fell on one of the two dishwasher guys and crushed him quite badly


Benji d239

I want to tell you about the time that I rolled a nickel or was it a dime no it was a nickel I'm sure of it but first I have to tell you that my name is Benji and I have to tell you about Benji


Benji is a person. And I am the Benji. I am the Benji person. Please do not consider me as a nobody


But before I can tell you anything interesting I have to tell you something boring with just have to tell you more about Benji Benji boom leaves himself to be developmentally disabled and so he writes in a certain way the way he writes is he speaks into a machine that writes the words down for him but the words don't always come out correctly like you might say a certain word and then the machine puts a totally different word in its place


The dime I wanted to tell you about the time I took a dime without any rhyme and committed a crime which was that I rolled the guy in the very close to the edge of the Earth I realize nobody is allowed in that last two miles of no-man's-land to word where the earth falls off you know that I'm a janitor for the Flat Earth Society right you know that right


I don't believe in this f****** s*** but it does pay my rent


I have not even seen a dime lately let alone someone near the no-man's-land known as the end of the Earth. And by the way this poem is part of a series of poems in which death occurs and so somewhere in this phone something has to die


Let's say that Benji was in that 2 mi no man's land near the edge of the Earth and that his dime fell over the cliff and it died on the Rocks below I'd say that


Also a man 571.3 miles away died of a heart attack in a freeway in a freeway were on his way to the subway he was on his way to the subway he was trying to not drive his car but he had to drive his car on the freeway to get to the subway so that he could take the subway across town to save a little bit of gas so that he can tell his girlfriend that he took the Subway because she really likes it when he e subwaytakes th

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