by Juleigh Howard-Hobson, 3.24am March 10th 2021

Bear Creek Blotter Alert: Person or persons with undisclosed agenda may be in the area.

All units and citizens be on guard for suspicious persons. The use of silver coins is likely.

This much is known: Sunshine Tyler (gender and race unknown) lived alone at the edge of the currently closed Bear Creek Recreational Forest in a Canadian registered 1975 Winnebago with three large vinyl Winnie the Pooh stickers on the rear window; the stickers had been changed to read: Winnie the Bago. At an undetermined date, Sunshine showed up on a motorway camera waving an unspecified amount of cash about and loading three cases of 2016 US government MREs into the back of the Winnebago. It is unclear how Sunshine obtained the money or the MREs. Later, Sunshine changed the cash into silver coins. It has been suggested that Sunshine secreted the coins somewhere in the Winnebago, although there is no evidence of any secreted coins in the Winnebago. Sunshine may also have kept all or some of them on Sunshine’s person.

Sunshine’s Winnebago was seen picking up someone (gender and race unknown) hitchhiking by the Stop and Go. It is unclear what happened in the days that followed: a Winnie-the-Bago stickered Winnebago was spotted in rest stops and parking lots but never on the motorway. Empty MRE pouches matching the military’s 2016 menu were found scattered along all roads leading in and out of Bear Creek.

Subsequently the Winnebago was left in a closed McDonald’s drive thru on North Street in

Bear Creek at 3 AM with no one inside of it, except a note printed in 18-point bold Calibri


A chemical weapons unit was deployed but no gases or air borne toxins were found. The Winnebago was towed to the BC Police Impound where it remains, along with a half box of 2016 MREs, some Taco Bell Mild Sauce packets and the keys to the Winnebago. 

Since then, an anonymous blog has been published and a Twitter account set up:

The Blog and the Twitter Account are titled: MATRIOTS: A WOMANIFESTO. 

During the 6 weeks immediately following the abandoning of the Winnebago, 6 posts were published and tweeted:

We are the Matriots. We are rising. No one can stop us. They put chemicals in our vaccines and they put codes in our Barbie Dolls’ heads that we could absorb through our finger tips in a direct link up to our pineal glands. We can fly. 1/

Children are the answer. They carry the cure in their respiratory systems. The sigils of the Matriots are rewritten in air conditioning units. 2/

The chemtrails bleed on everyone but they who are lizard blooded, who are hidden in our woods laying eggs that gobble up the spaces between us. Which is our atmosphere. We know who they are. 3/

Build a Bear Factories pumped out evil with every plush over stuffed poppet riddled with black magic disguised as fluffy fun that sent out alien spores when it was squeezed. We will dismantle the world they built and rebuild it for the Matriots. 4/

We are the Matriots. We rose. We control the world now. This is how we want it to be. You don’t remember how it was because we changed the time stream and now we are here. We became the air you breathe. 5/

You are welcome.6/

The last post ended the series of published posts and tweets.

The blog and the twitter have undergone crypto-forensic examinations, and a clear trail leads to the iPhone 5 of one Sunshine Tyler, who has not been located at this date. It is assumed

Sunshine and possibly Sunshine’s unknown companion are hiding in the Bear Creek Area due to unconfirmed but reliable sightings of clouds and gaseous formations that seem to look like the word Matriots. Do not approach this person or these persons. Photograph all sightings of

clouds that spell words and download these as jpg images to the Bear Creek Police Facebook page. Report all suspicious breathings.