Miami MP3

by Matthew Haigh, 3.24am January 10th 2021

Episode I: Brother’s Joke

Detective Frozen Joke reluctantly teams with exotic insect cop Sonny Zoltan when a surprising wall of fog puts a model in hospital. Both of them end up three-dimensional, pursuing a pilot connected with the murder. Seeds start growing thick pools of time in space.

Episode II: Heart of Mirrors

Investigating a porn baron, Zoltan is suckered into a sympathy fuck with a brown

velvet beanbag chair. Joke and Zoltan become involved with a half-eaten woman.

When the FBI falls into the ocean, a pinball hero with a superb mouth becomes a

criminal. Meanwhile, Molnar and Crockett pose as plastic tubes, and a crocodile feels sophisticated.

Episode III: Cool Pink

Joke and Zoltan must enlist the help of an artist growing tumours to bust a hotel run

by a woman with a trio of radioactive breasts. 

Episode IV: One-eyed Nobody

Joke attempts to pilot a huge wave. A substance from the ocean remembers an old

flame. Zoltan tries to help a child stretched twelve feet free herself from a web, then is framed for taking forever. Sushi Lips becomes the squad's new lieutenant.

Episode V: Give a Shadow, Take a Flipper

In court, a mouth digests an informant and absorbs exquisite purple. The glowing

drug dealer is encrusted in jail. Detective Joke and Zoltan infiltrate the devil’s twilight.

They cherish the ideal image of a blueprint spun from blood. Joke is placed in a compromising position when an operation reveals he has no human hands.