My Lady Inconceivable 
by Ian Martin, 31st October 2022

my fingers slink over

crevasses / a crack

in her icy demeanour

spits poison that curls


in her formless void

of roan locks / nostrils

flicker at listing musk

twisting like silk rope


she stands at twelve feet

and five, shaggy tail and

cheeks plump / distended

like pustules, heaving


she is aweful / repugnant

my brutish lover screeches

as small talk / her demeanour

demands a more vicious grip


her digits claw my sides

pierce velvet / unfurl blood

along the mattress / thick

and immaterial / i rend


a hole into the aftermath

tracing spirals into matted fur

from twixt her jaws / i whisper

hell into her gaping hearts