by Ben Niespodziany, 3.24am July 10th 2021

an equine sequence after The Dancing Horses of Wisconsin

[1] How well can you neigh? How well is the well of your neigh? Can your neigh make a well? Might your neigh take the stage?

[2] The Prancing Horses was formed in my dorm room. My cardboard examples were the only ones dancing at Passover. My family a bag of tarantulas, my family a seizure of fleas.

[3] Now the cardboard horses line my hearth. I will provide for you their names if there's time. Now I own a row of horse-drawn carriages. We prepare them near the volcano. There's a daily barrel race, a blaze. It's okay. These are rescued sex horses. I let them rest. We play games like Rodeo the Wolf.

[4] Our most important horse is King Drink. He's in love with Three-Legged Paige. If you wait, you can meet Paige's trainer, One-Ear Dustin. In barbed wire garb, we call her Garth. To wire the rope, we ask for Katia. Our newest horse lacks a hackamore. That's Angela. Everyone say hi, Angela. Oh, Angela.

[5] Voted number one place to watch horses in burlap. Voted number one place for humans to neigh. Do not select the men in the neighborhood. Do not vote for men.

[6] Our current curtsy nods to the nursery rhyme. Equine songs about the longest horse who gets bored, gives up, and eats Mother Goose. A song about a bear trap around the Clydesdale's leg, exhaling to his family the meaning of rain.

[7] Don’t talk weather when I split my horses in half. Don't speak climate while I hoof. My whole heart goes out to the glue factory's family. Such casualties. Such clock. I testified in a tie. People died. Please buy a t-shirt that reads Seabiscuit Kissed Me.

[8] With the idea that there are solutions in caves, our next season takes to the Mammoth east of Kansas. We will gather with torches and we will source our horses dance. The jester expects laughter, tears, happy screams.

[9] If by chance you can't make it, we will be virtual, bat pending. If you arrive by accident, we'll show you the tattoo. All we ask is that you put our “family” in air quotes. All we ask is that you gather as many animals as you can. We are few but our shared pet collection speaks legends. The train car is large, you see, the inside widens like a breath.