by Steve Gergley, 31st October 2022

We raced the crackling thunderstorms and crossed the mucky sand, swallowed the salty fog and dodged clumps of gold circuitry strewn like waterpolished driftwood across the beach. Wading into the stonecolored water, we discovered the remains of an ancient war, a necropolis of mangled steel and fireblacked battleships. Inside the largest ship we found a dry spot: an upside-down room with an intact ceiling and a door that kept the water out. For an hour we lay on the rounded ceilingfloor and fucked to the rhythm of the rain. At the peak of my orgasm, a beautiful woman clawed through the steel of the floorceiling and pressed her thumbs to my eyes. Cold rain pattered my chest. Kyoko writhed in rapture atop me. The woman gouged out my eyes and licked the blood from my empty orbits. As I groaned in pain and ecstasy, biting the inside of my cheek and pumping my hips in a frenzy, the woman whispered into my skull and described the taste of the oceans sealed beneath the surface of Europa.