Rainbow Cry/The Crest
by Evan Williams, 3.24am July 10th 2021

Rainbow Cry


A man plopped down in the end of a rainbow and began to cry. A council of leprechauns
gathered to decide what this meant. One approached the man and gently hugged him. Inside the
end of the rainbow, the leprechaun too began to cry. The others on the council joined one by one
until the end of the rainbow held a circle of men, crying and hugging. Every time you blink,
someone new has joined.

The Crest


At the fair a corndog tugged on my rain jacket. The corndog just wanted to be saved. Some men
were after its breading. The corndog’s stick had broken out the crest of its dog. I lifted the thing,
withdrew its stick. The corndog curved after this into the shape of a frown. I turned it upside
down, that was right. I held it in my hands, flat on my palms, until it died. I left it in the grass
with a squeezed lemon and hundreds more sticks. I deep fried my corndog hands, fed the men