There are no Submission Guidelines.

I do not require a cover letter.

Subs are free and I pay $30 if your work is accepted

I run this on my own and life often gets in the way 

so pay comes when it comes. Its usually the end of the month 

that the issue is launched. It might be late. It might be early.

Send stuff in whatever format is easiest for you.

Subs are now open all the time.

I will reply within two weeks.

If I haven't, email me and ask what the fuck is going on.

At the bottom of this page is a dog in a hat.

Issue themes are entirely optional.

I'll announce them on Twitter @bcgazette.

I am active on Twitter so follow the account for any extra info.

Just go be strange and have fun. 

I could not run this weird, stupid magazine without you.

Send work to

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