There are no Submission Guidelines, just read previous issues to get the general idea of what I publish. 

I do not require a cover letter.

I accept anything - Art, Writing, Photography, Sculpture, ANYTHING

Send stuff in whatever format is easiest for you.

Subs are now open all the time.

I will reply within four weeks.

If I haven't, email me and ask what the fuck is going on.

At the bottom of this page is a dog in a hat.

Issue themes are entirely optional.

I'll announce them on Twitter @bcgazette.

I am active on Twitter so follow the account for any extra info.

Just go be strange and have fun. 

I could not run this weird, stupid magazine without you.

Send work to

Please note: The Gazette runs 1 current Issue and 1 back Issue online

Previous Issues will be made into PDFs and distributed F.O.C on the site

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