Duchovny Manifests
by Dan Melling, 3.24am Sept 10th 2021

When David Duchovny sleeps
he dreams of war.
He dreams of floods and forest fires
so deep they burn his brain.
David Duchovny dreams of tent cities
next to sky scrapers & of suicide nets.
His dreams are vivid
his sleep gives him no rest.
When David Duchovny wakes
his bed is usually wet.
He thinks about the uncanny
creatures in his dreams.
They seem so strange, with their fingers
& their art & their bipedalism.
But they suffer
& David Duchovny feels sad for them.
He longs to talk, but his species
has evolved past communication.
He knows he’s not responsible,
that the dreams aren’t his fault.
Let me be clear, David Duchovny did not manifest
our suffering.

But it takes him some time
to shake the images.
David Duchovny showers, brushes his teeth,
flicks last night’s cigarette butts
off the balcony parapet.
He drinks his morning coffee
from a mug labelled The Duke.