The Chicken and the Egg
by Vanessa Daunais, 3.49am March 10th 2022

The earth shook; the waves undulated; the humans were quaking.


Mary Magdalene birthed the egg. There was never a chicken.


I declare that when Mary Magdalene birthed the egg, the earth shook, the waves undulated, and the humans quaked.

When Mary Magdalene birthed the egg, the trees humbled by this act, stumbled in their swaying. In the presence of her greatness the moon shone brightly on the white shell of the first chicken. She rose a fist into the air and declared, “I am Mother Chicken. Am I the winner or is the chicken race the true winner here? We are one now.”

The dandelions shook as the waves undulated and the humans quaked. In their fear, in the presence of the mother chicken, they multiplied, canvassing the earth. And the dandelion’s had their own transformation as the cats descended onto this new, yellow bed, hiding from the mother chicken.