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by Kimberley Wolf, January 10th 2023

In the dream I am having, I can only see THE FOREST. You are not in the dream. Neither are you. Or you. In this dream, I am alone, in an empty field, facing THE FOREST. I am happy. I can only see THE FOREST. I am aware that I’m dreaming, and aware that this is not a real forest. THE FOREST is just a metaphor. The dream won’t tell me what THE FOREST is a metaphor for. You are not here, in the dream, but you are outside of it. I can sense that you’re trying to pull me away from THE FOREST. The dream won’t let me hear you, and right now, I don’t want to. I am looking right at THE FOREST, and it is looking right at me. There are no secrets between us now. THE FOREST knows me. Ah yes. The dream is telling me now. THE FOREST is a gaping maw. THE FOREST is smiling with all its teeth.

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