The Gash
by Zary Fekete, 31st October 2022

Jimmy glanced briefly at the mirror as he filed down the hallway following the others. He had been timing it during the past few days so he knew that he had about 2 seconds. Any longer and the glance would be registered automatically by the security camera. The glance confirmed it. His wound was too short. Everyone else had fully 12 inch long gashes along their left forearms, but his was only about 8.

It had taken him the better part of the last two weeks to carve his gash. Because he was not born with his like everyone else was, his wound looked more red and wet, but because the guards could only see in black and white and because the security cameras only had low-grade resolution he knew that ultimately it was only the length which would matter. And the glance confirmed it, he would not be receiving a Happy Meal today.

McDonalds had taken a strange turn as a result of the the ever-updated, ever-changing virus which was now called Covid255 but this recent "gash requirement" really really bothered Jimmy and he thought it wasn't fair.