Bear Creek’s New Drag Bar a Hit
by Chandler Myer, 3.24am July 10th 2021

One month after lifelong Bear Creek residents Junior Friedlander and Bubba Krump opened The Harrowing Drag Bar on East Fern Street, it is packed to the rafters. The entrepreneurs envisioned a solution to an unmet need in our community.


“Bubba and me was drinkin’ beer one night when the drag bar idea hit us,” Junior said in a recent interview. “We noticed how our buddies would have a few beers and then needed to let off some steam.”


Krump agreed. “We thought it would be a dozen or so guys each night showing off their best moves. We never expected there would be so many women joining in.”


Friedlander and Krump spent a month renovating the old Woolworth’s store into a nightlife hotspot. The twenty-five-foot, highly polished bar is built of wood from Bubba’s barn demolished in last year’s tornado. Several dart boards and pool tables greet patrons as they enter, and there’s seating for about 30 people.


The main attraction is the drag pit in the back. Resembling a giant sandbox that runs the entire width of the building, it features an antique harrowing the men found at a flea market in Cooperville. They outfitted the chainmail implement with a harness, and bargoers drag it across the sand like a horse. Speed and the amount of weight added to the chainmail determine the winners.


This reporter paid a visit last week only to find a dozen or so unusually tall women, all dressed in fancy clothes with elaborate wigs, dominating the drag contest. That evening’s winner was a six-foot, five-inch gal named Amanda Plowmegoode, who dragged the harrowing eight feet while wearing six-inch heels.


That evening’s second place went to Anita Hungtop, who was thrilled to support the new watering hole. “Bear Creek is finally becoming the drag capital of the entire tri-county area, thanks to Bubba and Junior.”


Bubba’s friend Smitty agreed. “I love dragging heavy s**t around, and I finally found me a woman with the right same interests.” He introduced his girlfriend, Lucy Stools, whose deep voice and large hands make her a real catch for this lucky farmer.


The Harrowing Drag Bar is open nightly from 4 pm. Drag contests start at 9 pm. Wednesday is Ladies Night.