The Last Supper
by Alex Antiuk, 31st October 2022

I was sitting on the couch when I felt my stomach begin to ache violently, and I knew no amount of Pepto Bismol was going to save me this time. 

I could hear my insides crying, begging me to never do it again.

“Tony… Please… We can’t hold on much longer.” But I ignored them, when I looked towards the rug in the center of the room.

Roger had died in his favorite position, with his little paws right next to his head.

“Walk time!” I said loudly, after I’d turned the coffee pot on. I let it gurgle a few times before I headed to the door and grabbed Roger’s leash. I dangled it, but heard nothing. The grabbing of the leash always turned Roger rabid. And I knew something was horribly wrong the moment I didn’t hear a single bark.

“Please, God! I beg…” I yelled, taking me out of last week’s nightmare and back onto the couch. It felt like there was a tiny sailor inside my belly, using my insides as sails and pulling my intestines like knots. I began to say a prayer, when suddenly I felt myself tumble over. I landed with a thump on the rug, and despite the bathroom being in the next room I knew I wasn’t going to make it - I had fallen into the exact same spot as Roger had died. 

My vision quickly became blurry and the pain shot up from my stomach, and into my chest. There was a series of sharp, shooting bursts all over my body, and the pain even made its way into my spine. It forced me to let out a horrid scream, and I wondered if this was it. But then I noticed Roger’s tennis ball.

It was bright, neon yellow and all the way under the couch. I’d always buy Roger a fresh pack of balls each week. And it would always make my day to hear him let out a tiny whimper when his ball disappeared, and then a smiling bark when I gave him a new one.

I began to reach towards the ball, when suddenly my cheek landed against Roger’s final act. It was fluffy like a pillow and the scent wonderfully coated my nostrils. It had a mixture of Roger’s dog food, and the pasta I fed him the night he died. The smell was so beautiful I felt my body relax, but it also hastened the exit of my insides. 

My shorts slowly began to fill up, and then drip onto the rug. I could feel my entire body emptying and it brought a smile onto my face. The pain was gone in a flash and I even had the strength to turn around. I placed my hand on the warm pile I’d made and looked at it in awe.

There was nothing more delicious than a fresh mound. Roger had taught me that, and I knew if he was still here, he wouldn’t wait a moment before digging his teeth right into his own.     

Leaving me to scoop up a big chunk, and slurp it down my throat one last time.