They Come
by Matthew Swanson, 3.24am July 10th 2021

Spaceships and Pirate Boats flying in the air ; Macaroni and Hot Dogs - Cheese Stained Fire
Blasters ; They Come.

Warp Pipes and Nazi Zombies in the field ; Dirt filled toenails at Dusk -- Duck Dodgers and
Austin Powers ; They Come..

Wandering Hooligans on the Streets Dancing under Street lights and Signs of Art through the
Night ; A new friendship ;; They Come...

They Come at night in their Black Suits , in their Black Hats , in their Black Glasses in their
Shiny Sharp Toe Black Shoes...

They Come with their reason and Reality and wipe you of your Imagination in action ;; Intuition
; Handicapping your Psychic Powers and Potential

They dare say dream but keep you up slaving at what Should be ; Sharing and Playing was their
lie ; a distraction to ease them of dealing with conflict.

They Come and They don't share - They Take and They Take and They Take with no regard to
the insomniac Zombies They create. They escapade and zip their way stripping us of our
Resources , some dare to fight back and journey forth on their swashbuckling adventure with
their occasional snack break and Cheesey Teeth.

They Come not to help , they lie ; Not to be Trusted.

I Am a Magic Space Pirate , I eat microwavable artificially colored dairy and fuck up the Zombie
waves with my Fire Flowers and Wands ; dodging Ray Guns and Mosquitos. They always Find us
and we just Play dead ; When They Come.

I balance my feet on Yellow Street curbs toward oncoming Traffic ; Lava , They can’t kill me.
I blow on the Dandelions next to my Tanooki Leaves ; Fly away with the weedy seeds.

My friend ; They Come for us , but we always beat them ; Many Don’t ; Level Up , I need a

The Men in their hats and suits and shoes -- They say to ground ourselves in Reality.

We are , But They can’t reach us in our Spaceship ... I want to Share and Care and Play forever.