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Three Poems
by Elena S. Kotsile, January 10th 2023

On the destruction of the self

Self in abundance results in 

a complex neural avalanche; ergo

freedom remains a challenging concept. 

The self observes correlations

and critical power distributions 

ensued from a turbulent second self

characterized by non-equilibrium

and dynamic cascades.

Well-controlled decay enables

the self to absorb densities 

leading to a conscious study
of experienced structures

widely and wildly accessible

for self-destruction.






Haptic transducer 


Morphotropic crystals with 

ubiquitous diffusion 

patterns of scattering and reflection 

are arrayed under my skin— 


A molding of opaque symmetries 

akin to bidirectional blades 

with hexagonal structures, 

much like honeycombs


I am a combination of diverse 

desires, a distribution of impressions—

I reach beyond the biological

senses’ familiar domain


And as I challenge the conventional 

route of harvesting touch, 

I see the free energy 

around me arising from adverse 


and long-postponed yearnings






I emerged symbiogenic

a benthic skeleton dependent 

on isolation 


I was enriched — inoculated 

in acid, I was revealed 

gradually into the


long-neglected night, 

an ice-cold body carrying 

transformative mysteries and


a swirling core powered with

hydrogen, helium, and methane winds. 


Much time of glowing auroras has passed

and now twenty-seven moons 

go on and on around me —


forever wandering in a buried 

and dark ocean.

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