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Turdleman's Revenge
by Michael Haller, 10th October 2022

Joe stroked his turtle.
His turtle mooed. It said
Yummy  yummy  yummy  i  got love
in my tummy.

For dinner that night
Joe had turtle soup.

Next day, Joe on john, he
Joe-goes into toylit.
Turd rears mighty brown head
and snaps at Joe’s forelimb.
Joeboy likes it not.
He flushes, and down
go turd, turtle, snapping,
to the sewer.

But this story not over.
Turtle monster returns.
Incredible shit storm
caused by UFO’s.
Brown stuff seeps up reversewards
through city’s bowels, goes
like ocean spray into joebob’s house,
Joe drowns. He is discovered naked
brown and bloated.
Turdleman’s revenge complete.
Alien warships go home
with interesting new life form
obtained on spaceplanet earth.

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