Two Poems
by Dawn MacDonald, 3.:49am July 10th 2022

Automate and Salivate

automate everything especially murder
killing condemn except at scale
don’t be mean to dogs by leaving them to roam the outer air
repost the bacon-flavored memes of anti-Semitism
let he who is without all-beef patties
toss the first tomato


Down at ocean the automobiles frolic
in the spray. Otters slide from
Starbucks clutching Naturcinos
whiskering their heads together, dressed
for Sea Business. Engine
roar pushes whales off route. In the bathing
cabinet caps and gowns process.
Newtonian fluids play amidst
the sands, lone and level-headed, stretched
to the capillary limit. A universe
eats cookies on the shore, bothered
by salt. Bodies are like bodies
of this water. Otters’ hands hold
cups and crabs and steering
columns. The Prime Remover has been
called and can’t be factored.
Wavelength is a function of depth.
Fathoms go only down.