What Benjamin Franklin Hath Wrought
by Raymond Luczak, 3.24am Sept 10th 2021

He took air-baths every morning.
He felt clothes hindered his thinking.
He tried to convince others the joys of nudism.

He never married his common-law wife.
He admitted to having an illegitimate son.
He had “amorous friendships” in France.

He formulated a theory of electricity.
Ions of lightning bitch-slapped his kite and key.
His lightning rod snuffed such rage into the ground.


Late at night we two men cradle each other.
Our dry hands cause lightning to flare.
Sometimes the hairs on my arms singe.

The bedroom ceiling feels like a great sky,
pitch-black with no stars to guide our way.
Our kisses strike the match inside us.

The tempests between our hips crackle
the sweetest electrical discharges.
Our dreams turn bright as shadows.